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Pitaara Immersive is a 2-month long offering for learners to dive deep into their interests, connect with each other and take their learning to the real world. 


We are not teaching a skill; we are creating a community, that can learn together. Through Pitaara Immersive we are bringing together a bunch of immensely passionate individuals,

ambitious to share their passion. 


It's not about the Doodle the participants will make or the Microgreens they would grow, it's

about getting usable skills that can be put to work in the real world, Friends whom you can rely on and life -long Mentors they meet.

We see children as the today of this country.

Pitaara Immersion program is to support these young citizens in identifying their role in the world

Deep Dive

  • Take a deep dive into a course that interests you, one session per week per course.

  • Learn the techniques, practice regularly and master the skill.

  • 7-10 sessions over a period of 2 months.

  • Set a concrete end product you will create over the 8 weeks.



  • Become a part of a community of diverse learners.

  • Meet exciting people every week.

  • Share your learnings with learners from other programs.

  • Free space to share thoughts and engage with new ideas and skills.

  • Forge new friendships.

  • Co-create, invent and innovate together.


  • This is a bonus offering for all the participants of Pitaara Immersion program.

  • A unique course in critical thinking designed to enable children to think and look at the world with a critical eye.

  • Learn constructive criticism.



At the end of two months, all students showcase their learnings through a meaningful project chosen by them during the course.

  • This project can range from directing their own theatre production to painting a community wall, depending on the course they took.

  • Students will be given a 4-week challenge to use their newly built knowledge to create a bigger project, with mentor support.

How will your week look?

  • One session per week

  • Session can be anywhere between 1-2 hours.

  • Weekends are for community meetings

Course Offerings



Zentangling helps nurture creativity. It is also very therapeutic and a great way to relieve stress.

Age Group : 9 - 15 yo

Facilitator: Monali Garg

Number of Sessions: 8

Course Fee: Rs. 3000



Juggling increases range of motion in the arms and shoulders and it is one of the best ways to improve hand-eye coordination. It also helps build concentration.

Age Group: 10 - 15 yo

Facilitator: Daniel Rudolph

Number of Sessions: 8

Charges: Rs. 3000




Doodling helps people stay focused, grasp new concepts easily and increase memory and retention. It also builds creative expression in children.

Age - Group: 6 - 12 yo

Facilitator: Reena H. Mapari

Number of Sessions: 8

Charges: Rs. 3000

Forum Theatre 



Forum Theatre is an interactive form of theatre that presents a theatrical debate to create a group ethos that encourages audience interaction and is a powerful tool for exploring solutions to difficult problems. It enables participants to try out courses of action which could be applicable to their everyday lives.

Age Group: 12 - 16 yo

Facilitator: Vandana Asha

Number of Sessions: 10

Charges: Rs. 4000

Urban Farming 



Urban farming has been contributing to the improved health of communities that apply it. Firstly, It helps reduce carbon emissions because the food is grown locally. It gives access to consume better quality produce. It also gives children the opportunity to experiment and understand agriculture in a hands-on way.

Age Group: 10 - 15

Facilitator: Sakib

Number of Sessions: 9

Charges: Rs. 3000