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Pitaara Immersive is a longer duration offering designed for learners to dive deep into their interests through interactive courses.

These courses enable children to master new skills, connect with each other and apply their learnings in real world contexts. 


I want to look at courses for

 7 - 11 yo

Courses 7 - 11 yo

New courses for 7-11 year olds coming in Oct 2021
Watch this space for more! 

12 - 16 yo

Couses 12 - 16 yo
Financial Literacy cover.jpg

Financial Literacy

A short course on understanding the basics of stocks, trading, investing and learning to manage finances

6 Dec - 12 Jan

10 x 90 min Sessions
For 12 - 16 yo 

Design your Career Series

This is our flagship course series created to help teenagers design their unique career paths. This series consists of 4 courses.

Career Page 1 Cover.jpg

Design your Career Part 1

Finding Self

A short course to help you identify your passion and intrinsic talents

6th July - 29th July, 2021

8 x 90 min Sessions | Online

6:30 pm - 8 pm IST

For 12 - 16 yo 

Career Course Cover.jpg

Design your Career Part 3

Prototyping a Career

A course on how to design a career around your interests and passion.

8 x 90 min Sessions | Online

6:30 pm - 8 pm IST

For 12 - 16 yo 

We of careers Cover.jpg

Design your Career Part 2

Web of Careers

Discover possibilities and action research different interests

8 x 90 min Sessions | Online

6:30 pm - 8 pm IST

For 12 - 16 yo 

Wealth course cover.jpg

Design your Career Part 4

Multiple Forms of Wealth

A short course on how to become wealthy

8 x 90 min Sessions | Online

6:30 pm - 8 pm IST

For 12 - 16 yo 

If you join an Immersive course, you become a part of the larger community of learners we are building.

Community Sundays is a free offering from our side for everyone. This is a space for participants to come together, connect and share learnings with each other. 

Guiding Principles

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) focusses on a tangible outcome. For example, in the Doodling Immersive Program, participants co-created a doodling workbook in 10 days. 


Through PBL children not only learn a skill but are also able to immediately apply their learning in a tangible manner.

Through Immersive we are bringing together like-minded children from across the globe and enabling connections and conversation amongst them. The hope is that this community becomes self-regulated and learning exchanges start taking place among the children. 

Community Building

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