Juggling is not only about learning to juggle with balls, it's about children developing skills to juggle with their time, energies and interests. 

Program Details

  • No. of Sessions : 8 sessions

  • Day: Every Wednesday starting from September 16, 2020

  • Time: 5:00 - 6:00 pm 

  • Pitaara Community Meet: Every weekend

  • Program Facilitator: Daniel Rudolph

  • Program Fees: INR 3000 

  • Age Group: 10-15 years

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Week 1 - Introduction to Juggling 

  • Introduction to one ball combos

  • Begin juggling journal

  • Introduction to stretching routine

  • Reflection - Learning how to effectively practise

Week 2  - Juggle Juggle Juggle 

  • Begin learning 3 ball cascade

  • Introduction to 2 more one  ball combos

  • Reflection - Embracing failures and learning through mistakes

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Week 3 - Moving On

  • Next steps with 3 ball cascade

  • Introduction to 2 more one ball combos 

  • Reflection - Benefits of Juggling 

Week 4 -5  - Creation 

  • Create your own one ball tricks 

  • Introduce new 3 ball tricks 

  • Reflection - Working at own pace/Supporting each other

  • Reflection - Self-Design your Juggling journey


Week 6 - Step Up 

  • Begin learning 3 ball cascade

  • Introduction to 4 ball juggling 

  • Reflection - How to continuously challenge yourself

Week 7 -  Showtime 

  • Learn the final 2 one-ball combos

  • Start preparing for the Juggling show

  • Reflection - Being present/ Entering a Flow state


Week 8 - Steps Forward  

  • Finalise the Juggling show 

  • Self-assessment 

  • Reflecting on the Juggling journey 

  • Finalising the next steps

About Dan

After growing up in Utica, New York, and studying to become a teacher he joined the Peace Corps and went to live in a village in Thailand. Through immersing himself in another culture he was able to take a bird's-eye-view of himself, and the culture that he was a part of. This deep reflection enabled increased self-awareness and perception. This experience led him to explore other international opportunities and ended in spending 10 years abroad (rural Thailand, Beijing, rural India, Europe). During this time Daniel became very curious about many things and dedicated himself to self-directed learning. Through apprenticeship and lived experience Dan has set himself on a path of lifelong learning.

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