How to write a story? 

A short course to introduce young writers to the art of story-writing and story-telling 

22 Feb - 22nd March

Online |  8x 90 min Sessions |  For 7 -12 yo 

Why Story-telling and Story-writing ?

Is there a story you have heard again and again and you still enjoy listening to it? 

Have you ever wonder why we tell each other stories? 

Stories helps us make meaning of the world around us. Stories helps us relive our past and leap into the future. Stories are creative expression of our experiences and wisdom of the generations. 

Story-telling is one of the most effective and creative ways of communication. It is identified as one of the most important skill needed for effective action. Generations of leaders, gurus, artists, entrepreneurs and individuals have used stories to share a message and continues to do so! 

Stories we tell, stories we write are the extension of who we are and who will be! 

Who is this course for? 

This Immersive offering is for you: 

  • if you are a budding writer 

  • if you are curious to learn what is story-writing about 

  • if you enjoy learning new things 

  • if you want to meet people from different parts of the world 


Join us if you would like to try your hand at writing a story and are excited to meet more young writers from around the country! 

This course is a part of Pitaara Immersive offerings designed to enable young learners to experience choice-based learning and deep dive into an interest area. 

Course Breakdown 

Week 1 

Introduction to the world of stories. 

  • Exploring a wide variety of literature, such as fiction, non fiction, folktales, prose.

  • Understanding the origin, evolution and the need of stories.​

Week 3

The storytellers around us.

  • Exploring the various elements of the art of storytelling. 

  • Exploring the various forms of storytelling.

  • Exploring storytelling as a skill.

Week 2

Structures of a story

  • Discussing the structures of stories and the various elements of a story.

  • Creating stories using prompts​

Week 4 

Writing a story

  • Adding depth to the characters and events of the story. 

  • Understanding the importance of perspective while writing a story 

As an end goal of this course children will write a original short story, which will be published on Kindle


The sessions will take place at 4pm IST (Delhi).

Each session will last for 90 minutes and take place via Zoom.

Session 1 - 25th Feb, Thursday

Session 2 - 27th Feb, Saturday 

Session 3 - 4th Mar, Thursday 

Session 4 - 6th Mar, Saturday 

Session 5 - 11th Mar, Thursday

Session 6 - 13th Mar, Saturday 

Session 7 - 18th Mar, Thursday 

Session 8 - 20th Mar, Saturday 


The course is offered at three price bands. Please choose the one that works best for you. We rely on the higher bands to be able to support those who may not otherwise be able to afford the course. 


This course is offered at 3 price bands:


Band A: INR 3000 [50% reduced fee]

Band B: INR 6000 [The actual course fee]

Band C: INR 8000 [Higher band that helps support people who need scholarships]*


*We offer upto 100% scholarships on a need-basis.

We do not want money to deter anyone from joining our courses


If you are excited about this course, but need financial support, feel free to write to us at

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