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How to write a story

A short course to introduce young writers to the art of storytelling and story-writing 

3 April - 1 May, 2021


8 x 90 min Sessions

For 7 - 11 yo 

Why Storytelling and Story Writing

Is there a story you have heard again and again and you still enjoy listening to it? 

Have you ever wondered why we tell each other stories? 

Stories helps us make meaning of the world around us. Stories helps us relive our past and leap into the future. Stories are a creative expression of our experiences and wisdom of past generations. 

Story-telling is one of the most effective and creative ways of communication. It is identified as a very important skill needed for effective action. Generations of leaders, gurus, artists, entrepreneurs and individuals have used stories to share a message and continues to do so! 


Stories we tell and stories we write are an extension of who we are and who will be! 

Course Breakdown

Storytelling Course Page.png

At the end of the course children will write an original short story.

Who is this course for?

This Immersive offering is for you: 

  • if you are a budding writer 

  • if you are curious to learn about story-writing 

  • if you enjoy learning new things 

  • if you want to meet people from different parts of the world 


Join us if you would like to try your hand at writing a story and are excited to meet more young writers from around the country! 

This course is a part of the Immersive offerings designed to enable young learners to experience choice-based learning and deep dive into an interest area. 


The sessions will take place at 5 pm IST (Delhi).

Each session will last for 90 minutes and take place via Zoom.

Session 1 - 3 Apr, Saturday

Session 2 - 5 Apr, Monday 

Session 3 - 10th Apr, Saturday

Session 4 - 12th Apr, Monday 

Session 5 - 17th Apr, Saturday 

Session 6 - 19th Apr, Monday

Session 7 - 24th Apr, Saturday

Session 8 - 26th Apr, Monday 


We offer our courses at 4 price bands. We invite you to pay whatever works best for you. 


The lower bands (Band A and B) are subsidised to ensure that the money does not deter anyone from access to learning. Band C and D enable us to sustain this model and support scholarship participants.


  • Band A: scholarships for children who are unable to pay

  • Band B: INR 3000

  • Band C: INR 6000 

  • Band D: INR 8000 


We offer upto 100% scholarships on a need-basis.

We do not want money to deter anyone from joining our courses


If you are excited about this course, but need financial support, feel free to write to us at

Meet the Facilitator

Simran Sadh


Simran loves to read stories and share stories with everyone. She has been facilitating storytelling sessions with children for several years. She loves to work on children's language development through stories. She believes that stories can be the bridge between people and help us look at the world through children's perspectives.

Through her initiative - Tangled Tales - she is developing a curriculum centred around storytelling for children. She is also working with and NGO called Eklavya on their reading program.


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