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Dates : 1 - 2 August 2020, Saturday & Sunday  I  On Zoom  

Start Time :  10:00 A.M. on 1st August  |  End Time : 5:00 P.M. on 2nd August

Early Bird Registration Last Date :  28th July, 2020 

Pitaara Children's Summit is a two-days long national virtual gathering of young learners upto the age of 13 coming together to share their gifts and presence with each other. 


We are inviting children from a select few schools from all over the country to participate. The gathering will be held over two days with various exciting sessions. Students will get the unique opportunity to be a part of this first of its kind gathering.



The Summit is designed such that each learner gets the opportunity to choose between various workshops offered. During the two days multiple workshops, sessions and conversation will take place parallely. Each participant gets the freedom to plan their day and engage in the happenings that piques their interest.


The two days will give them ample opportunity to:

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The Children's Summit is designed in the spirit of freedom, choice and emergence, as we believe each participant is a treasure chest of talent, stories and skills.


There will be a lot of scope for children to self-organise in groups, co-create their own agendas, spend time having conversations, experiments, playing games, explore music, dance, art, cooking etc.


The gathering seeks to engage the heart, hands, heads of these young learners and enable them to carve their own unique learning journeys.



Ample spaces have been designed for young learners to share their talents, gifts and wisdom with other participants. Participants can also host a workshop, self-organise a conversation, or share their talents at the talent show. 


NOTE: We will support participants in planning a session/workshop if needed. 



There will be multiple sessions going on at the same time. Like a butterfly participants can flutter from one session to another as they feel like.


NOTE: Some sessions require full participation so facilitators might not allow butterflies in their sessions. It is always good to ask the facilitator to join in the middle.



The spirit of this Summit is emergence, fun and exploration. So make sure you have fun throughout!


This can be through attending different sessions, co-organising conversation/games in the summit room or anything else that the participants would like to do.



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