Do you want to be a part of a global learning community that helps you identify your unique passion and master it?

​We are the upgrade in education that the 21st century has been waiting for

At Pitaara we are designing an online learning environment for children to: 

Explore the world of possibilities through Summits

Master the areas of their interest through Immersive Courses

Build a global learning community of their own through the Learning Exchange and Peer Exchange 


Skill-focussed immersive courses designed to deeply explore an interest area. Create something super cool at the end of the course to showcase your learning.


For 12-16 yo | Online | 4 Weeks 

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Dec 6 - Jan 12 | For 12-16 yo


Mon - Thur 7am-6pm

Weekends 9am-8pm


We believe in learning by Doing!

Signing up for one of our courses is like going to an amusement park. It will only be fun and valuable when you choose the rides that are exciting and actually get on to them. You are not here just to stand on the side and watch others.

All our courses are live, this means there is no passive learning; only  LIVE  interactions.


Join us if you are brave enough to take your learning in your own hands, are eager to build skills to thrive in the uncertain future and are trying to find your passion 

The Context

Conventional education is not enough to prepare children for the rapidly changing world!

Irrelevant curriculum imposed on children and a grading system that measures an individual’s capacity on the basis of marks in a few subjects leads to children with:

At Pitaara, we are creating learning environments that value all knowledge and skills, expose children to a wide variety of skills, and enable them to choose what to learn, how to learn it and whom to learn it from. 

Dimished Creativity

Disconnect from the self and the real world

No real passion or sense of purpose

Poor self-worth


Poor self-worth

Learning Festival

A 2- day virtual learning festival to enable children from all over the world to experience self-designed learning


1-3 month courses to dive deep into a skill, work on projects with other learners and apply your learning 

Learning Exchange

Use the learning exchange board to share your gifts with others and receive what the world has to offer 

Peer Exchange

Find a peer to join you on a learning journey of your own choice. You can also join other people on their learning journeys

Chalkboard Drawings



We are building an alternative education system and here is WHY...


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