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An online community for self-designed learning

Develop real skills, Get personalised mentorship, Collaborate with peers from all over the country, Learn from educators from across the globe

World-class education. For 7-11 year olds


Equipping children with tools to create the future rather than just preparing them for it

We are the opposite of a "one size fits all" education system that imposes irrelevant curriculum and testing metrics on children and crushes individuality. 

Self-Designed Learning (SDL) is a learning system that nurtures a child's self-worth and natural talents and enables them to find their passion.

Pitaara UnSkool

UnSkool is our flagship program crafted to enable any 7-11 year old to design their learning program.

Program Features

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Studios are facilitator-led short courses designed to expose children to different topics. 

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The role of a mentor is to create a support system for a child, stepping in and out as demanded or needed. 

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Learning Journeys enable a child to explore and learn things outside the studios at Pitaara UnSkool.

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Children create personalised timetables based on their studios and learning journeys.

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Check-ins are an opportunity for children to come together and connect outside the studios.

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Portfolios help capture the child's learnings and accomplishments - in studios and learning journeys.

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Exhibitions are a space for children to share and present their learnings with the rest of the group.

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Advanced Programs are for children who have completed Studios and want to pursue a topic further.

 A choice-based and interest-led education for your child!

Month 5 Studios
6th November - 3rd December 2022

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2 Month 5 Studios.png
3 Month 4 Studios.png
4 Month 4 Studios.png
5 Month 4 Studios.png
6 Month 4 Studios.png
7 Month 4 Studios.png

All our studios are live. There is no passive learning - only LIVE interactions.
All our sessions take place after 3pm IST. 

A week at UnSkool Banner.png

A Week at UnSkool

My son has been part of Pitaara for some time and it has been a wonderful space to experience. He was happy that he could share his creations and  thoughts freely. He loved interacting with other children as well. Initially he was shy, but when he joined UnSkool, he became very enthusiastic.
He excitedly scheduled his day and at the check-ins, where they shared about how everyone was feeling about the day in overall, he enjoyed reflecting and sharing.
At some point he didn't even need me to remind him to join the sessions. 
I could actually see him becoming more aware day by day. A lot of interesting activities were ongoing and enjoyed the Cooking and Hands on Science Studios the most. I must say he enjoyed every bit of being with Pitaara. In many ways it was a meaningful and cheerful experience for our child where he could find what all he liked.

Vatchlla, Pitaara parent

​We are the upgrade in education that the 21st century has been waiting for

  • The conventional model doesn’t support a child’s curiosity but rather imposes a curriculum designed 200 years ago on them. Choose a learning program that is personalised, flexible, and enables your child to find their passion.

  • You might initially have your doubts about leaving the conventional education system! So experience the Unskool program while following the traditional path. Once you see how motivated and driven your child is and how much they are learning, you can make a bigger shift.

  • An online and in-person model enables you to learn from anywhere and meet children and families from across the country.

  • You’ll see the proof of your child’s growth and learning in their portfolios, interactions with you, and growing self-confidence. You don’t have to wait for some report card to find out.

  • With children choosing what, when, and how to learn; they can define the time they want to spend online and decide whether they would like to explore a topic independently or with peers.


  • You will also have access to the entire parent community, with whom you can connect and share learnings, thoughts, and ideas.


Join us if you are brave enough to take your learning in your own hands, are eager to build skills to thrive in the uncertain future and are trying to find your passion 


Not sure if this is for you? 
Join us for Pitaara Community Sundays and find out!

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