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Fees and Scholarship

We are building systems that enable children to design their education and are determined to make choice-based learning accessible to all children.

Unskool is a high-touch program that enables personalised learning for each child, crafted such that both the essence of community and the joy of learning is preserved.

Each program is designed with love and passion for the subject. We constantly reflect and analyse each session, before and after, to ensure that we clearly know how our children are feeling and what they want next. Our personal interactions with our learners enable us to identify their inspirations and motivations and thus enable us to help them in their path as needed.

From the reflection and feedback we have received over the past 2 years from the Pitaara students and parent community, and the amount of passion and love that is poured into building each program, we know that:


Unskool is one of the highest quality online learning programs available in India and is at par with any highest quality offline learning experience a child can get.

On average, any decent quality online course is priced at INR 4000/ month in India.


And that’s for one course.

We are introducing Unskool at a price of INR 5000/month, which gives you access to:

7-8 live courses every month

Global peer community

Personalised Mentorship

And lots more!

What’s more, we have designed the program such that you can choose to join as many months as you would like, without missing out on anything like you would in a regular school.

You pay only for the months you attend!

We are offering 10% off if you pay for 3 months in one go.

This is just the beginning. Over the next few months, we will launch new courses and resources for parents to understand Self-Designed Learning, and add resources for children to the Pitaara Open Library. All of this will be the part of Unskool's offering.


The real value of this program at global market rates is around $300/month, which converts to INR 21000. However, Pitaara Unleashed offers it at INR 5000 because we want it to be as accessible as possible.

As an independent social enterprise, we cover the remaining costs through our own consulting and other ongoing projects around Self-Designed Learning.

We would like this program to be accessible to as many people as possible, but we understand that the program cost may still be a barrier for some families. Therefore, there will be limited financial aid available. 

Please note that any financial aid offered only covers the cost of the Program. You will still have to invest a small amount in the materials required for the different courses.


If you would like to apply for financial aid, please select that option in your application form. We will have a call with you to understand your requirements and accordingly offer you a scholarship.

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