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We are an online community of self-designed learners!

This environment enables children to:



  • Wide variety of skills ranging from zentangling, slow cooking, digital illustrations to constructive criticism, emotional intelligence etc 

  • Find their passion and fill their pockets with applicable knowledge


Choose and Master

  • Choose an area of interest, design their learning goals, track their progress

  • Master skills through immersive courses which can eventually become a livelihood opportunity 

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-30 at 7.58.25 PM.


  • Meet children from across the globe, engage in conversation and form long lasting connections.

  • Share their wisdom and find a learning community through: 

    • Learning exchanges 

    • Group challenges 

    • Peer matching 

We are not just another online class

With children as active partners we are co-creating radical ways to learn

We believe in learning by doing. Signing up for one of our courses is like going to an amusement park. 

It will only be fun and valuable when you choose the rides that are exciting and actually get on to them.

You are not here just to stand on the side and watch others.

We also believe that all knowledge bodies are equally valuable and are trying to de-centralise education.

We are building a community of learners, each with their own unique talents and interests.


All our courses are live, this means there is no passive learning; only live interactions.

There is NO EXAM! Our courses are designed on the basis of project-based learning. This means you will create something super cool at the end of the course to showcase your learning.

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