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Would you like to attend a wide variety of workshops?

Learning Festival 2022

A 2-day fun festival for young learners to explore the universe of possibilities!

17 - 18 Sept, 2022

Saturday and Sunday

For 6-11 yo | On Zoom

What is the Learning Festival?

The festival is designed in the spirit of freedom, choice and emergence. We believe that each participant is a treasure chest of talent, stories and skills.

There will be a mix of several unique workshops, conversations and performances to expose children to the vast universe of knowledge, and give them a chance to experience it first-hand. The gathering seeks to engage the heart, hands, heads of these young learners and enable them to carve their own unique learning journeys.


There will be a lot of scope for children to self-organise in groups, co-create their own agendas, spend time having conversations, experiments, playing games, explore music, dance, art, cooking etc.

Dates: 17th and 18th September, 2022 | Saturday and Sunday

Timings: Starts at 10am on 17th Sept - Ends at 5:30pm on 18th Sept

Age group: 7-11 year olds

What to Expect

Multiple workshops, sessions and conversations will take place parallely.

Each participant will get the freedom to choose the sessions they want to attend, plan their day and engage in the happenings that pique their interest. The two days will:

Expose children to over 20 different skills

Give children a chance to meet others from around the country

Enable children to explore workshops they find interesting

Provide a space to have fun learning new things 

Give children the opportunity to practice decision making

Allow them to share their skills and talents with others


Schedule of the Festival

LF22 Day 1.png
LF 22 - Day 2.png
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Note: Multiple workshops will take place at the same time. All participants will be required to choose the sessions they want to attend. We request parents to let children make this choice and let them experience JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) over FOMO(Fear of Missing Out)

Our Partners

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