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Facilitator - Immersive Program

About Pitaara

Pitaara exists to create a world where each child can explore and discover their infinite ability in multiple spheres, identify their interests and pursue their passion. A world where: 


  • Each child is on a journey of self-discovery - Each child has freedom to define their learning path, to make mistakes, to explore different interests for as long as they like. 


  • Each individual is driven by purpose

    • Where the self-worth of an individual is not determined by the degrees that they have earned or the money they make. They are rather driven by purpose and find deep meaning in their work 


  • Each individual finds a peer community that helps them thrive

    • Each individual finds themselves surrounded by a peer community where they feel valued and loved. A sense of belonging and support system which enables an individual to take new risks and venture into new territories. 


We believe in the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one big family) and believe that the entire humanity is interconnected. 

In the next 3 years we want to introduce 3 lakh children to this dream and enable them to reclaim and design their own life and learning. 

About the Role

We are looking for passionate individuals who would like to share their skills with our young learners. 

We work with children of age 7 - 15 and value all knowledge and skills equally. 


So if you have any exciting skill that you would like to share with our children, we are happy to carve your journey with us. 

In the past we have held workshops on topics ranging from zentangling, animation, how to argue rationally to urban farming, slow cooking, theatre, critical thinking and much more. And we are especially open to wild ideas and unconventional skills. 

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