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Financial Literacy

A short course for teenagers on investing money in stock markets 

Financial Literacy cover.jpg

6 December 2021 - 12 January 2022

10 x 90 min Sessions
For 12 - 16 yo 

Note: This is a live trading course. Teenagers will be opening their stock account in zerodha and making their first investment. 
Please note that you will require INR 1000 to be able to practice investing.

Why Financial Literacy

Did you know a teenager can have their own trading account and trade in actual stocks ? 

Most of us think Investing and Money is an adult’s game. Our children are not given the right tools to understand and deal with their finances. 


This course will help teenagers in understanding the role money and investing in their lives. 

Teenagers will understand the basics of the stock market and start their first trading account.


This is a live trading course through which children will get to explore the stock market in real time and understand the nuances of it. 

Course Breakdown

FL Structure.png

At the end of the course children will understand about investing and managing money on their own

Who is this course for?

This Immersive offering is for you: 

  • if you want to learn to manage your finances 

  • if you are curious about different kinds of investing opportunities  

  • if you are excited about exploring trading through actually practicing it

  • if you want to make new friends


Join us if you would like to learn to manage your money and are excited to meet more young people from around the country! 

This course is a part of the Immersive offerings designed to enable young learners to experience choice-based learning and deep dive into an interest area. 


The sessions will take place at 6:30 pm IST (Delhi).

Each session will last for 90 minutes and take place via Zoom.

Session 1 - 6th Dec, Monday

Session 2 - 8th Dec, Wednesday 

Session 7 - 3rd Jan, Monday

Session 8 - 5th Jan, Wednesday

Session 3 - 13th Dec, Monday

Session 4 - 15th Dec, Wednesday

Session 5 - 20th Dec, Monday 

Session 6 - 29th Dec, Wednesday

Session 9 - 10th Jan, Monday

Session 10 - 12th Jan, Wednesday 

*Please note: There will be no sessions on 22nd and 27th December due to Christmas


We offer our courses at 4 price bands. We invite you to pay whatever works best for you. 


The lower bands (Band A and B) are subsidised to ensure that the money does not deter anyone from access to learning. Band C and D enable us to sustain this model and support scholarship participants.


  • Band A: scholarships for children who are unable to pay

  • Band B: INR 4000

  • Band C: INR 6000 

  • Band D: INR 8000 


We offer upto 100% scholarships on a need-basis.

We do not want money to deter anyone from joining our courses


If you are excited about this course, but need financial support, feel free to write to us at

Meet the Facilitator


Midhun Noble is a social entrepreneur, mentor, and behavioral finance coach. He has over 6+ years of experience in Banking and Finance including as an Assistant Vice President of HEFA. He was also a founding team member at NBFC. He has been part of several social ventures like Insighte Homecare, Space , Allincludive Foundation etc . He is also a mentor at AIM, where he mentors school children in entrepreneurship.  He now coaches people in financial wellness and believes in democratizing ideas around saving and investing for ordinary people.

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