FORUM Theatre

Forum theatre is a theatre technique that begins with the enactment of a scene (or anti-model) in which a protagonist tries, unsuccessfully, to overcome challenge relevant to that particular audience. The joker then invites the spectators to replace the protagonist at any point in the scene and enact the same scene with alternative action that could lead to a solution. The scene is repeated numerous times with different people from audience playing the scene. This results in a dialog about the challenge, an examination of alternatives, and a “rehearsal” for real situations.


Every child is a storyteller, an actor and an artist. They observe and perceive the world around them in their own way. They also have their own stories to tell. They just need a space to bring out the explorers hidden in them. Hence, the aim of this workshop is to create a setting where opportunities for telling a story in words, motion and emotions can bring awareness beyond the parameters of their own home/school environment.


The goal is to instill the joy of theater and in doing so, help to grow happy, healthy and confident kids.

Program Details

  • No. of Sessions : 10

  • Day: Every Thursday starting from September 17, 2020. 

  • Time: 4:00 - 6:00 pm 

  • Pitaara Community Meet: Every weekend

  • Program Facilitator: Vandana Sharma

  • Program Fees: INR 4000 ​

  • Age Group: 12-16 years 

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Week 1 - Introduction to the Theatre 

  • Introduction

  • Fun games

  • Understanding the concepts of Theatre

  • Creative Drama

  • Introduction of ‘Group Norms’

Week 2 - Exploring the body 

  • Exploring body and space

  • Different kinds of walks

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Week 3 - Senses and Sensibility

  • Games related to visual stimulation

  • Exploring sense of touch with co-participants (working with each other)

Week 4 - Look around

  • Games related to sound and rhythm

  • Exploring the surroundings

  • Storytelling in group

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Week 5 - What is a story?

  • Understanding the art of Storytelling

  • Creating stories/scripts  

Week 6 -Meri Kahani, Meri Zubani

  • Starting with the play, building it, getting into characters

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Week 7-9 - We are the actors

  • Rehearsing the play

  • Prop making and finalising the play

Week 10  - Forum Play 

  • Kids performing their very first online forum theatre

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About Vandana


Vandana is a theatre artist and storyteller. She has been passionate about the performance arts from a young age, and believes that exposure to performing arts teached compassion, empathy and builds social-emotional skills in children. She founded "Rang Karwan" as an endeavour to build opportunities for adolescents and youth in communities to engage in artistic and collaborative spaces for learning and self-expression to be able to deeply understand the relationship between yourself, your immediate surroundings, and the world at large. She uses practices of "Theatre of the Oppressed" in her work with communities and children.

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