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On 15th May, 2020 we decided to organise the first Pitaara Virtual Unconference. The reason was that 3 children expressed their need to come together, meet each other and have fun. Stuck in the pandemic, safe and limited to our homes, we thought of having a virtual unconference that brings children from all over the country together for some fun and learning. 


A small team came together and started designing. We wanted to keep it fun, fast and fantastic. We decided to host this gathering on the 1st and 2nd of June, 2020. What followed was 15 days of hard work, excitement and creativity. 


We invited over 30 fantastic facilitators from different walks of life to hold sessions. The workshops included storytelling, urban farming, animation, doodling and many more. 


The event was open to all young learners below the age of 18. Participants were children from the homeschooling and unschooling community as well as school-going children. We had over 300 participants over the two-day gathering. Children infused virtual screens with their energies, and we could experience the joy of learning together.


The experience which children shared helped us see the value it added to their lives. So we thought of designing another experiment - to organise a Pitaara Summit for school children across the country. We are excited to see what emerges out of this two-day summit. 

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The team that put together the first Pitaara Virtual Unconference

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